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Douc langurs are endangered colobine monkeys found only in the evergreen forests of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Once thought to be rare and with limited distribution, our recent fieldwork has demonstrated that small populations of doucs are widely distributed and found in a variety of forest habitats.

The red shanked Douc Langur has been located in the forests of north/central provinces of Vietnam and central and south eastern forests of Laos. New discoveries have also demonstrated that red shanked doucs are found in north eastern Cambodia. The black shanked douc is found in central and southern provinces of Vietnam and in the eastern and southern forests of Cambodia. Black shanked doucs do not occur in Laos. The grey shanked douc, a new and critically endangered form, has been located in a restricted distribution in central Vietnam.

Red Shanked Douc

Red Shanked Douc

All doucs are entirely restricted to wooded habitats. Populations of doucs have been found in monsoon forests as well as rainforests and their forest homes include: semi evergreen, lowland lower montane and upper montane forests types. All forests are rapidly disappearing in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as a direct result of intense and often illegal logging activities which supply hardwoods prized by the building trades for construction of houses, floors and furniture. Also forest land is being converted to agriculture at an increased rate as people move into the forests along with logging operations.
Black Shanked Douc

Black Shanked Douc

Much is known about the doucs for example

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