Douc Langur Foundation

Douc Langurs are among the most beautiful and endangered primates in the world.  They are only found in three countries in the world:  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Like so many primates worldwide, poaching, trapping and illegal trade are threatening their survival in all three countries.  This situation exists for many reasons but most significant are a lack of effective law enforcement and the prevailing climate of corruption at all levels of government whose job it is to protect them.

Our Mission

To protect the Douc Langur and their wild habitat to ensure that they will survive in their home range for future generations. The foundation is dedicated to the proposition that much can be done to preserve the Douc Langur including habitat conservation, research, education and local community involvement. We believe that if we can protect the Douc Langur, we will be protecting the forest and other species.


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Scientific Studies and Research Projects

For the last eleven years, the DLF has been supporting a trained staff of Vietnamese biologists and botanists who have been compiling field observations on the doucs diet throughout the year.  This study of feeding ecology is providing the first ever study of food items utilized by all members of the group. Our botanist has been documenting the characteristics of all of the plants that the doucs utilize.  In addition, the Department of Animal Husbandry at Vietnam National University is analyzing the chemical properties of all of the foods consumed by the doucs.

In addition to this study of feeding ecology, we are tracking group composition throughout the year and have found that douc groups vary in numbers from one season to another.  We continue to document the reproduction and development of doucs at Son Tra.  Over the past 5 years many babies have been born and we find that births occur throughout the year.