The DLF cannot do all of these projects without your help. Every donation is helpful. Here are some examples of the current uses for your donations. All of these estimates are subject to change.

    • For $10 dollars we can hire a local person to work on our snare and trap removal program for one day.
    • For $50 dollars we can support two teachers for one day in our school program.
    • For $100 dollars we can support one of our staff scientists for 15 days in the field.

Donate now: there are many different ways:

Paypal & credit card

Check, money order sent to

Douc Langur Foundation or DLF POB 23912 San Diego, CA 92193 Appreciated Stocks: Please call us directly at 858-277-2710 or contact us to arrange the confidential transfer of appreciated stocks.

Thank you for supporting the DLF in our mission to provide direct protection, education and equipment that will be used to protect Douc Langurs within the forests in which they live. Our experience demonstrates that protection of wildlife is possible. We must continue our life saving projects now and your contribution will go a long way to ensure that wild populations of doucs will survive into the future.

100% of your donation goes directly to our programs and all donations are deductible to the full extent of the law

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