Where we work

Protecting the Douc Langur

Project Locations

The DLF supports projects carried out in the forests of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. At the present time, we are supporting projects at Son Tra Nature Reserve, Vietnam and Chu Mom Ray National Park, Vietnam.  As our success and finances grow we intend to support projects in nature reserves, national parks and forest areas of all three countries. Time is of the essence for the conservation of Douc Langurs and we need to learn more about the Douc Langur in its home range. Our mission is to fund research to learn about all aspects of Douc Langur ecology and behavior. Scientific knowledge is basic to the education of the local and international community.

Towns and villages

Educational programs are in progress in towns and villages adjacent to areas where Douc Langurs are found. The DLF sponsors and supports educational projects in schools adjacent to Son Tra Nature Reserve near Danang, Vietnam.  These schools include: Ly Tu Trong, Nguyen Phan Vinh, Nguyen Tri Phuong and Nguyen Chi Thanh. This year we also started educational programs in schools in Sathay, Vietnam adjacent to Chu Mom Ray National Park. More than 120 students have taken part in our programs.

DLF programs teach about the biodiversity of Vietnam and the forests nearby and also consider the long range significance and value of protecting the Douc Langur and surrounding forests. Since illegal hunting and trapping of the wildlife including the Douc Langur is done by local villagers it is the responsibility of the local community to ensure the survival of the Douc Langur and surrounding forests.

Nature reserves and national parks

We provide equipment for Forest Protection Rangers to use in protecting doucs in nature preserves such as Son Tra Nature Reserve and national Parks like Chu Mom Ray National Park. To date we have supplied rangers with binoculars, cameras, GPS units, computers, communication equipment and in some cases uniforms.